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kayak fishing

Kayak Fishing Kayak Fishing is a sport which is growing by leaps and bounds.  Getting started can be as simple as getting a boat, a life jacket, and a paddle. Fishing kayaks a… http://www.kayakdayton.com/disciplines/kayak-fishing/

stand up paddleboarding

Stand Up Paddleboarding Stand Up Paddleboarding (commonly referred to as SUP) is relatively new to the Midwest and is currently the fastest growing water sport in the country. A s… http://www.kayakdayton.com/disciplines/stand-paddleboarding/


Whitewater Kayaking Whitewater Kayaking is considered more of an adventurous discipline; offering everything from a fun, bouncy ride on small waves to runs that will satisfy a hard… http://www.kayakdayton.com/disciplines/whitewater/


Paddle Disciplines recreational kayaking whitewater kayaking kayak fishing stand up paddleboarding   Whitewater Warehouse is a Paddlesports Specialty Store located o… http://www.kayakdayton.com/

rec & touring

Recreational Kayaking Recreational kayaking is one of the most popular disciplines in paddlesports.  It is easy to learn and appeals to all age groups.  Recreational kayaks, o… http://www.kayakdayton.com/disciplines/rec-touring/

about us

Whitewater Warehouse is a Paddlesports Specialty Store located on the Mad River in Dayton, Ohio.  We carry a full range of boats, paddleboards  and accessories supporting the follo… http://www.kayakdayton.com/about-us/


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